About us



Introduction about Department of Zoology

The Department of Zoology was founded in 1981. Currently, the department produces 2 main

academic areas of teaching and research in Biology and Zoology. We are responsible for

teaching in various subjects in biology, zoology, anatomy, physiology, parasitology, animal

ecology, vertebrates and invertebrates. The educational goal of the department is to train

biology and zoology professionals to meet the demand of the local and global

biotechnological industry. To fulfill this goal, the department offers various fields of study,

including fundamentals and advanced biology and zoology. Our teaching program

emphasizes both fundamental, advance knowledge and practice, providing students with

opportunities to practice both under laboratory and field operation skills while attending

school. The department offers three educational programs. The 4-years B.Sc. degree program

in biology and zoology is designed for students from high schools. The M.Sc. degree is

available in all research areas in Biology and Zoology. Furthermore, international M.Sc.

degree will be offered in 2009. The Ph.D. program has been provided for all students who

interested in getting advanced knowledge in all branches in zoology.



- To impart biological and zoological knowledge for production of excellent students in

science with a concrete potential for their future careers.

- To promote research supporting academic study publishing in national and international


- To provide social services.

- To graduate excellent-quality graduates in science and morality.


Visions and Missions

- To be a leader in science and technology in the region toward a plan to develop leadership

into the international level.

- To produce quality graduates with knowledge and integrity in science and promote the

development for sustainability in economy and society.