Supiyanit Maiphae


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Supiyanit Maiphae

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Tel: 02-562-5555



1999-2005: Ph.D. (Biology) Prince of Songkla University

1994-1999: B.Sc. (Biology) Prince of Songkla University

Research interests:

Taxonomy, systematics, biology and ecology of freshwater meiofauna (cladocerans, copepods and rotifers). 

Research publications:

1. Sae-tung, T. and Maiphae, S. 2015. A new species of Parategastes Sars, 1904 from the Thale Noi Lake, southern Thailand (Copepoda, Harpacticoida, Tegastidae). Zoosystematics and Evolution 91(2): 167-176. (Corresponding author, contribution 50%, Q3, IF=0.3)

2. Van Damme, K., Maiphae, S. and Sa-ardrit, P. 2013. Inland swamps in SE Asia harbor hidden cladoceran diversities: new paludal Chydoridae (Crustacea: Branchiopoda: Cladocera) from Southern Thailand. Journal of Limnology 72(s2): 174-208. (Corresponding author, contribution 40%, Q3, IF=1.076)

3. Van Damme, K. and Maiphae, S. 2013. Salinalona gen. nov., a peculiar euryhaline chydorid lineage (Crustacea: Branchiopoda: Cladocera: Anomopoda) from the Oriental Region. Journal of Limnology 72(s2): 142-173. (Corresponding author, contribution 60%, Q3, IF=1.076)

4. Kotov, A. A., Saeheng, S., Maiphae, S. and Van Damme, K. 2013. Study of the embryogenesis of Dunhevedia crassa King, 1853 (Cladocera: Chydoridae) and a comparison of the embryonic instar durations in different cladocerans. Journal of Limnology. 72(3): 564-572. (Co-author, contribution 25%, Q3, IF=1.076)

5. Maiphae, S. and Sa-ardrit, P. 2011. Marine Copepods at Mo Ko Thala-tai, Gulf of Thailand. Songklanakarin J. Sci. Technol. 33(6):641-651. (Corresponding author, contribution 60%)

6. Maiphae, S., Limbut, W., Choikaew, P. and Pechrat, P. 2010. The Cladocera (Ctenopoda and Anomopoda) in rice fields during a crop cycle at Nakhon Si Thammarat Province, Southern, Thailand. Crustaceana. 83(12): 1469-1482. (Corresponding author, contribution 60%, Q3, IF=0.465)

7. Maiphae, S., Pholpunthin, P. and Dumont, H. J. 2008. Taxon richness and biogeography of the Cladocera (Crustacea: Ctenopoda, Anomopoda) of Thailand. Ann. Limnol.- Int. J. Lim. 44 (1) 33-43. (Corresponding author, contribution 80%, IF=1.036)

8. Kotov, A. A., Maiphae, S. and Sanoamuang, L. 2005. Revision of the Macrothrix paulensis like-species (Anomopoda, Cladocera, Branchiopoda) in Asia, and phylogeny of the paulensis-group. Arch. Hydrobiol. Suppl 151/3, Monogr. Stud. 269-299.

9. Maiphae, S., Pholpunthin, P. and Dumont, H. J. 2005. Species richness of the Cladocera (Branchiopoda: Anomopoda and Ctenopoda) in southern Thailand, and its complementarity with neighboring regions. Hydrobiologia 537:147-156.

10. Van Damme, K., Chiambeng, G., Maiphae, S. and Dumont, H. J. 2003. New species in the rheophilous genus Nicsmirnovius Chiambeng & Dumont, 1999 (Branchiopoda: Anomopoda: Chydoridae) and reassignment of Alona eximia Kiser, 1948 and Alonella fitzpatricki Chien, 1970. Hydrobiologia 499: 25-49.

11. Meksuwan, P. Maiphae, S. and Pholpunthin, P. 2012. Examination of Morphological Characteristics of the Ephemeroporus barroisi Group (Chydoridae, Cladocera, Crustacea) in Thailand. KKU Science Journal 40(1) 311-320.(in Thai)

12. Maiphae, S. and Janpriang, P. 2009. The Cladocera in Rice Fields in Songkhla Province. KKU Science Journal. 37(3):305-313.

13. Maiphae, S.2008.Study of Cladocera in Thailand and Trends in FutureKKUm Science Journal36(3): 171-181. (in Thai)

14. Maiphae, S., Pholpunthin, P., Sanoamuang, L. and Dumont, H. J. 2004. Taxonomic problems of Alona (Cladocera, Anomopoda), with special reference to specimens from southern Thailand. KKU Science Journal (section T) 3(1): 45-55. (in Thai)


1. Maiphae, S. 2014. A Taxonomic Guide to the Common Cladocerans in Peninsular Thailand. Edited by K. Van Damme. Princess MahaChakri Sirindhorn Natural History Museum, Faculty of Science, Prince of SongklaUniversity. O. S. Printing House Co., Ltd. Bangkok . 240 p.