Uthaiwan Kovitvadhi


First name-Last name: Assoc.Prof.Dr.Uthaiwan Kovitvadhi

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tel: 0818609051

Academic position: Associate Professor

Main Research Focus: See in Uthaiwan.pdf



Graduation Year



B.S.   Biology


Ramkhamhaeng University,   Thailand

M.S.   Zoology


Kasetsart University,   Thailand

Ph.D. Aquatic Science


University of Porto, Portugal

Research interests:

1. Biology, Ecology, Taxonomy and Culture of Freshwater Pearl Mussel

2. Freshwater Ecology

3. Aquatic Toxicology

4. Animal Nutrition

Academic publications (During 5 years)

1. National/International research publications

National research publications

  1. Grudpan, C., Avakul, P., Kovitvadhi, U. 2016. 1Feeding Selection on Mollusk by the Indochinese Molluscivorous Catfish (Helicophagus leptorhynchus Ng & Kottelat, 2000) in the Mun River, Thailand. Kasetsart University Fisheries Research Bulletin 40 (1): 26-38.
  2. Dechaprasert, N., Kovitvadhi, U., Kanchanakhan, S. 2016. Primary cell culture from Hemocytes of freshwater mussel Hyriopsis bialata Simpson, 1900. Journal of Kasetsart Veterinarians 26(2): 59-69.
  3. Soimalaitong, S., Srakaew, N., Kovitvadhi, U., Kovitvadhi, S. 2018. Morphology of the Hemocytes in the Freshwater Pearl Mussel Hyriopsis bialata Simpson, 1900.Journal of Kasetsart Veterinarians 26(2): 29-38.
  4. Nuchan, P., Srakaew, N., Soimalaitong, S., Kovitvadhi, U., Kovitvadhi, S., Klaimala, P. 2018.   Acute Toxicity and Histopathological Effects of Atrazineon the Freshwater Pearl Mussel Hyriopsis bialata Simpson, 1900.Journal of Kasetsart Veterinarians 26(3): 192-208.

International research publications

1.   Thongprajukaew K., KovitvadhiS., KovitvadhiU. and Rungruangsak-TorrissenK., 2014. Pigment deposition and in vitro screening of natural pigment sources for enhancing pigmentation in male Siamese fighting fish (Betta splendens Regan, 1910). Aquaculture Research 45: 709-719.

2.   Vannarattanarat S., Zieritz A., Kanchanaketu T., Kovitvadhi U., Kovitvadhi S. and Hongtrakul V.2014. Molecular identification of the economically important freshwater mussels (Mollusca–Bivalvia–Unionoida) of Thailand: developing species-specific markers from AFLPs. Stichting International Foundation for Animal Genetics 45(2): 235-239.

3.   Sansuwan, K., Thongprajukaew, K., Kovitvadhi, S., Somsueb P. and Kovitvadhi, U. 2014. Improvement of carbohydrate quality in rice bran for Nile tilapia feed production using microwave irradiation. Asian Fisheries Science 27: 104-116.

4. Chamchuen, P., Boonyarath, P., Engkakul, A., Kovitvadhi, U., and Rungruangsak-Torrissen, K. 2014. Development of Enzymes and In Vitro Digestibility during Metamorphosis and Molting of BlueSwimming Crab (Portunus pelagicus). Journal of Marine Biology Doi.org/10.1155/2014/436789

5.   Fungfuang, W., Pitiporntapin, S., Tongmai, T. and Kovitvadhi, U.2014. Development of learning achievements of bachelor degree students in basic scientific research method course using inquiry approach. KKU International Journal of Humanities and Social Science4(2):35-46.

6. Tantiwisawaruji, S. Rocha, E., Kovitvadhi, U. and Rocha, M. J. 2014. The bivalve nervous

   system and its relevance for the physiology of reproduction. Indian Journal of Anatomy 3(4):227-240.

7. Thongprajukaew, K., Rodjaroen, S., Tantikitti and C. and Kovitvadhi, U. 2015. Physicochemicalmodifications of dietary palm kernel meal affect growth and feed utilization of Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus).2015.Animal Feed Science Technology 202:90-99.

     8. Thongprajukaew, K., Rodjaroen, S., Sornthong, P., Hutcha, N., Yoonram, K., Tantikitti, C. and

         Kovitvadhi, U., Effects of dietary modified palm kernel meal on growth, feed utilization,

         radical scavenging activity, carcass composition and muscle quality in sex reversed Nile tilapia

         (Oreochromis niloticus). 2015. Aquaculture 439:45-52.

9. Thongprajukaew, K. Kovitvadhi, U. and Chandang, P, Microwave irradiation improves the

   Physicochemical properties of soybean meal for economic freshwater fish. 2015. Maejo International Journal

   Science Technology 9(01): 43-53.

 10. Kovitvadhi U., Kovitvadhi S. and Meejui. 2017. Growth and Survival of Juvenile Freshwater Mussel, Chamberlainia hainesiana (Lea, 1856) at Three Densities in the Natural Reservoir and River Enviroments, Thailand. Journal of the World Aquaculture Society 48(4): 623-633.doi: 10.1111/jwas.12378.

11. Sansuwan, K., Kovitvadhi, S.,Thongprajukaew, K., Rodrigo O.A. Ozório, Somsueb, P. and Kovitvadhi, U., 2017. Improvement of aquafeed quality using hydrothermal combinations of microwave irradiation and pelleting method. Aquaculture Research 48: 1836–1848doi:10.1111/are.13021.

12.   Lopes-Lima, M., Froufe, E., Do, Van T., Ghamizi, M., Mock, K.E., Kebapçı Ü.,Klishko, O., Kovitvadhi, S., Kovitvadhi, U., Paulo, O.S., Pfeiffer III, J. M.,Raley, M., Riccardi, N., Sereflisan, H., Sousa, R., Teixeira, A., Varandas, S., Wu, X., Zanatta, D. T., Zieritz, A., Bogan, A.E., 2017. Phylogeny of the most species-rich freshwater bivalve family (Bivalvia: Unionida: Unionidae): Defining modern subfamilies and tribes.Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 106: 174–191.

13.    Sangsawang, A., Kovitvadhi, U., Clearwater, S. J., Kovitvadhi, S., Satapornvanit, K., Thompson, K., 2017. Acute toxicity of chlorpyrifos and carbosulfan to glochidia of the freshwater mussel Hyriopsis bialata Simpson, 1900. Environmental Science and Pollution Research 24: 2136121374.

14.    Chandang, P., Thongprajukaew, K., Chotimanothum, B., Kovitvadhi, A., Kovitvadhi, U., Pakkong, P., 2017. The effects on in vitro digestibility from different developmental stages of silkworm larvae, Bombyx mori (Lepidoptera: Bombycidae) and position of mulberry leaves, Morus alba (Rosales: Moraceae). Journal of Asia-Pacific Entomology 20: 1134–1139.

15.    Thongprajukaew, K., Kovitvadhi, S., Kovitvadhi, U. and Preeprem, P. 2017. Effects of feeding frequency on growth performance and digestive enzyme activity of sex-reversed Nile tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus (Linnaeus, 1758). Agriculture and Natural Resources 51:292-298.

16.    Tantiwisawaruji, S., Malhão F., Lopes C., Silva A., Kovitvadhi U., Pardal M. A., Rocha M.J., Rocha E., 2017. Overview of the Neurocytology of Ganglia and Identification of Putative Serotonin- and Dopamine-Secreting Neurons in the Bivalve Peppery Furrow Shell (Scrobicularia plana) Journal of Shellfish Research 36(3):567-576.

17.    Tantiwisawaruji S., Kovitvadhi U., Pardal, M.Â., Rocha M. J., Rocha E., 2018. Qualitative and quantitative insights into the 3D microanatomy of the nervous ganglia of Scrobicularia plana (Bivalvia: Tellinoidea: Semelidae). Molluscan Research. 38 (1):21-28.

18.    Sangsawang, A., Kovitvadhi, U., Kovitvadhi, S. 2019.The effect of water temperature on the early-life development, growth and survival of the freshwater mussel Hyriopsis bialata. Aquaculture 510:311–317.

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2. Book

Kovitvadhi, S. and Kovitvadhi, U. 2014. The biology and in vitro culturing of the freshwater pearl mussel glochidia to adulthood in Thailand. In: ToledoPiza, A.R., Freitas Tallarico, L., Orlandi Introíni, G. (Eds.), Medical and Applied Malacology Crossing Boundaries: Integrative Approaches to Malacology. Cambridge Scholars Publishing, United Kingdom, pp.165-199.